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Rhein-Trio was founded in 2020 by 3 Brazilian musicians based in Germany. Besides the standard repertoire, Rhein-Trio aims to spread Brazilian music for this formation as well as contemporary music, valuing the exchange entrepreneurs-composers. In 2021 the chamber music group will record their first CD, interpreting Brazilian and French music.

Maybe you are wondering how 3 Brazilian musicians came to play together so far away from our native country?


Our story starts further back, around 15 years ago, when Pedro and Joana used to go to the same school in Brazil. There was a Youth Orchestra there and in this group, they played together for many years. 


After finishing school they took different paths and went to different music universities in Brazil and abroad. In 2019 Joana moved to Germany and through a chamber music project met Isaac, who studied and was already based in the country. Since they played together for the first time, they decided to go further with the partnership in music and also in life. Only a pianist was missing.


Then Pedro moved to Cologne for a second master's and without hesitating Joana and Isaac invited him to join and create the new Rhein-Trio. 


Our name is a tribute to the important river in the region where we live in Germany. Spreading its beauty and connecting the cities among its long path, the river inspired us to our ideal as a group: unite colors and cultures through chamber music.

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